Cashback Bonus Offers by Online Casinos

Both online and land based casinos use special offers and promotions to keep their players intact to the world of gambling. With the advent of various new online-casinos, the already existing ones have to work hard to stay in competition. They go to extremes to enthuse their loyal players. One way they use to lure the players is by offering cash-back offers or Bonuses. Cash-back bonus forms a wonderful method for casinos to attract the players and it also offers a great way for players to earn free-casino money.

Loyalty has a huge role to play in the world of online-gambling. The world of online-gambling has turned into a competitive industry and players keep trying various casinos.They finally settle for the one which suits their requirements. Thus, they do not mind walking away from one casino to another. To avoid this from happening, the casinos offer good incentives in the form of promotions to keep their generous and loyal players.

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Cash-back offers available to players come in two forms. The first one forms a rebate on the losses. This offer is the most common one and operates by making a bonus-amount depend on the money which is lost by the player over a certain time-period. The casino offers a certain percentage of cash-back amounts to the player. Every casino has its own terms and conditions regarding cash-back offers. Some prefer to offer such deals monthly while others go for a weekly-basis. The concept doesn’t involve any complications. For instance, if an online-casino offers a cash-back of 25% on losses every week and the gambler has lost $200 in a week, then he/she will receive an amount of $50 in the player-account by the casino. This offers a great method to the players to sum-up some of their losses when receiving free-cash by the casino.

The second form of cash-back offer is a cash-return on all the comp-points that the player has earned. Roughly, every online-casino offers a point-program which allows the players to gather points for playing their preferred games. The points can further be exchanged for a cash-amount, thereby giving the player extra casino-funds. Such types of rewards are bound to benefit many players, without taking into consideration how many times they gamble or how frequent they play. This deal is beneficial especially to the VIP players who gamble on extremely large amounts and also gamble frequently.