Basics of Online Keno

Online Gambling and casino games are a rage these days. A lot of players from all over the world indulge in Online Casino Games. Due to the immense popularity of online gambling, there are several casino games that are available for the players. Blackjack, Poker, Bingo and Baccarat are some of the most Popular Casino Games.

Keno is another online casino game which is played by a number of online gamblers. Reason behind the popularity of Keno is the fact that it provides great winning opportunities to the players.

A Basic Introduction Of Keno Is Given As Follows:

  • Keno can be played by following some simple rules. A player has to buy a Keno card which consists of eighty numbers. From these 80 numbers the player has to choose a series of digits. The card usually consists of numbers from 1 to 15, 1 to 12 or 1 to 10.
  • Once the player marks 20 numbers on his card, the casino will begin the draw. In this draw the numbers will be randomly chosen with the help of a RNG machine. RNG machine is a Random Number Generator which helps in picking up numbers in Keno.
  • Payouts in Keno are decided by two main factors. These two factors are: the base rate at the pay-table and; number of matches between the numbers spotted and drawn.
  • The base rate at pay-table is not a uniform factor. These rates differ from one casino to another. The diversity in the pay-table base rates determines the number of betting options that will be available. Top/Bottom and Odd/Even are some widely used betting options related to pay-table base rates.
  • The game of keno initiates when a player gives the dealer an inside ticket with a paper which contains the amount of bet. The dealer gives an outside ticket back to the player as a receipt. After this the player will begin to watch out his numbers and start spotting them.
  • The rules and payouts of the game also vary from a casino to another. Different casinos make different types of keno games available for their players.
  • Keno provides a number of winning opportunities to its players which is reason why it so popular. Combination of tickets can be used by a player in order to come up with various combinations of numbers. This increases the chances of winning the game. This type of Keno is usually known as the Combination Keno. Various other Types Of Keno Games are also available these days, namely; Video Keno and Lottery.
  • The house edge in Keno is usually 4% which is somewhat similar to that of Online Slots.
  • Spotting the numbers in keno is what actually determines the advent of the game for a player.