Online Craps

Craps is a very popular dice game that came into existence 1100 when it was popularly known as ‘al-zahr’. Later it was named as ‘Craps’. Many gamblers love playing the game at online casinos and it has accumulated immense customer attention. The game begins when user throw a set of dice on the crap table. The dice decides the results, whether the player wins or loses. It is well accepted with conventional and online gamblers.

Million of gamblers are playing the game at online casinos. Players just have to download the software and begin with gaming. There is no difference in conventional and online craps. At online casino as well, the result is dependent on the numbers that are displayed on the dice. The payouts of the game are similar in both types of casinos. Also the payouts are dependent on the odds. It is always better to win small amounts multiple times than taking a chance with huge payout at a time. It becomes risky and player usually loses everything. The graphics are designed excellently and players can feel like being in real casino while playing at their computers.

Craps is easy to learn while you play

Online Craps
It is not important that you always get to learn the game while you are playing it for the first time. But, talking about craps, as it is a least complex game, you can actually learn and frame its strategies while you are playing. Other Casino Games require a practice session whereas for Online Craps, you don’t have to learn anything from any other source. Once you start playing the game, you will keep learning the strategies and winning plans….

Online Craps: The Rules to follow

Rules To Play Craps
Online Craps is though an easy game, but when you put yourself in betting, you will get to know many different things. The game keep getting complex as you keep getting in-depth. The betting process is a bit procedural and it definitely needs a thorough study. If you are playing the game for fun, then you will find it quite easy as the elemental part is comprehensible. But once you start playing with real cash, it will keep getting difficult as it is quite hard to learn the right betting process. Anyway, it just requires some practice but eventually you will learn the game. Moreover the offerings of the game are so pleasing that you will automatically feel like learning the thing…..

Introduction to Online Craps

Introduction to Online Craps
In the realm of Online Gambling, Craps is one of the widely played and most Popular Casino Games. This incredible game is being played by a large number of gamblers since the early 1100s. The game got its name from ‘al-zahr’, a word whose meaning is a dice game. Over the centuries, both the game and its name evolved; craps is what it is called now-a-days.
The game is played with a set of two dice. The shooter throws the dice on the craps table and this is how the game initiates. Based on the outcome of the dice, result of the game is decided. Whether a shooter wins or loses the game is based on outcome of the dice…..

Types of Craps

Types Of Online Craps
Craps is an interesting and popular casino game. The end result of this game is determined by outcome of the dice that are rolled. The game has been around for centuries now and over the years various forms of craps have evolved.
The five most popular versions of Online Craps are explained below:
Banks Craps: This popular type of craps is closest to the original game. Popularly known as Las Vegas Craps, this version of the game widely played in America. With the launch of online casinos, this variant of the game can be played globally over the Internet as well…..

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