Online Poker

Poker is indisputably the most Popular Casino Game these days. With the advent of televised poker tournaments, there has been an increase in the contests like Super Successful integration of several versions of poker and the World Series of Poker. The World of Poker can never be as diverse as it is now. In the selection of Vying games, Poker is the most popular card game. Vying games are the ones in which players need to hold the cards partially or completely. In these games, players make bets into a central pot. Player who holds the best combination of cards is awarded with this pot at the end of the game.

There are multiple variations of Poker that follow the same basic pattern of the game. The most common forms of poker that are currently dominating the world of casino are 7 card stud poker, Omaha, 5 card draw poker and Texas Hold’em. Video Poker Online also known as the solo-playing form of poker is among the famous poker forms.

In the past decade, Online Casinos industry has become evidently popular and with this online poker has also gained great popularity. Online Poker was titled as the most popular game of 2005. Video Poker and Online Poker are played in various forms and are accessible on almost every online casino.

Origin of the Poker Cards

On comparing Online Poker Games to other card games, the roots of this game have been scattered all over the world. With the argument that poker cannot be older than other card games that came into existence in 13th century in China but, there was an evident which shows poker was invented before 13th century i.e. before any other card game was invented.

Cards were first played in Europe in 1360 from the Islamic Mamluk Empire of Egypt. Those Mamluk Cards were quite different from the usual Chinese cards. Mamluk cards bore great resemblance to the usual cards of India or Persia. They possessed a pack of 52 cards that consisted of 13 ranks each.

In the beginning of the fourteenth century, Europe experienced a great explosion of a change in different styles of playing cards. At the end of that century, the European suit system brought in a wide selection of games that included several forms of Poker.

Concept of Community Card Poker

In the early 1900’s, community card poker concept was introduced in the U.S. In this concept, community cards are shared with all the players as they are dealt face upto the middle of the table. Additionally, every player gets an incomplete hand confidentially, which in turn is combined with the community cards in order to make a complete hand out of it.

The oldest and the most popular card poker games that were developed in 1920 have still not lost its fame. They are Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hold’em. Both of these games are identical in the layout but differ somewhat in the way the cards dealt.

The online casino industry has always been the most favorite of all and Poker out of all the games has managed to distend the quantity of poker players around the world to Billions. This is the reason that Poker has managed to win the title of the top Online Casino game since 2005.