Baccarat – The Game of Wizards

Baccarat is the one of the most Popular Casino Games, because of its lowest house edge out of any casino games. It is a betting card game where the players try to win by having a hand that totals closest to nine. The objective of this game is to make a bet on two card hands that the player feels will be closest to nine. The game consists of three popular variants namely, Punto Banco, Baccarat Chamin de fer and Baccarat Banque. This popular game is played between two hands, The Player and The Banker. Each baccarat trial has three possible outcomes: The player has high score, banker and a tie. The name of this game is derived from the Italian word ‘baccarat’ which means ‘zero or nothing’, referring to the value of all 10-count cards.

In today’s world, the new concept of internet usage has brought an era for Online Baccarat Games. This means that you can search for any Baccarat gaming website and by just logging into the website, you can play the interesting game of cards. Play Baccarat Online is a popular choice for those who do not live near a gaming facility.

In Baccarat, value of the cards is as follows:

  • Aces are worth 1 point
  • Cards numbered 2-9 are worth their face values (in points)
  • Cards 10s, Js, Qs and Ks have no point values
  • Jokers are not used in this game
  • The highest possible hand value in baccarat is 9

How to Play Online Baccarat

Playing Baccarat online is very easy, if you are a regular computer user. Gamers use a variety of arrow keys to place bets and select whether to bet on these Player, Banker or Tie. Online game also allows an additional feature of the Statistic Option which shows the last 13 outcomes of the game.

To Play:

    • Click Player, Banker or Tie, in the middle of the game table to select which hand to bet on or click Reset and skip to the third step.
    • Click chips to place a bet within Table Limits.
    • Click Deal.

To Win:

      • You bet on the hand that has a higher point value and does not tie with the other hand.
      • You bet on Tie and the Banker and Player hand tie.

It is to be noted here that in the Casino Software, cards will be automatically dealt according to the rules governing on how the Player and the Banker hands are dealt. Baccarat is a fun game and also real money can be won in a short time span.