Introduction to Online Craps

In the realm of Online Gambling, Craps is one of the widely played and most Popular Casino Games. This incredible game is being played by a large number of gamblers since the early 1100s. The game got its name from ‘al-zahr’, a word whose meaning is a dice game. Over the centuries, both the game and its name evolved; craps is what it is called now-a-days.

The game is played with a set of two dice. The shooter throws the dice on the craps table and this is how the game initiates. Based on the outcome of the dice, result of the game is decided. Whether a shooter wins or loses the game is based on outcome of the dice. Craps is widely played in live as well as online casinos. In North America, craps is the most popular casino games. With the advent of Online Casinos, craps has reached a million gamblers from all over the world.

Play Craps at Top Online Casinos

Online craps can be played with a number of Internet based casinos. The software of this game can also be easily installed and downloaded. The rules and odds for online craps are same as that of live craps. Outcome of the game is purely based on the combination of numbers which appear on the two dice. The pay-outs of craps are also related with the odds. The outcomes which are easy to roll are related to smaller payouts whereas the ones which are difficult to roll give out higher pay-outs.

The online craps game is designed in such a way that it gives the feel of a real casino. The most commonly played variants of online craps are: New York Craps, Money Craps, Private Craps and Bank Craps. Multi-player and single-player online casinos are available these days.

Simple rules are associated with playing online craps. The rules can be understood easily and by following them, the game can be played and won without any confusion. Almost every online casino has the same Rules To Play Craps. There might be slight differences some times.

All casinos offer free trial version of the game for the first time players. This is done in order to make them acquainted with course of the game. It gives the player an opportunity to learn more rules and strategies of the game.

Most online casino which offer craps, come up with Exclusive Bonus Codes and deals. This is done is order to make the experience of playing online craps a lucrative deal for the players.