Bingo – The Game of Chance

Bingo is considered to be a game of luck where numbers are chosen and drawn randomly. Players have to match the numbers that are called out by a caller to a card that they are holding. Players can cover up their number if it matches the other card. Every card is different and is usually a 5×5 grid. Players have to follow a prearranged pattern and whoever covers up their number first will shout BINGO. Player who first shouts BINGO will be the winner. Since the mid 1920’s, Bingo is played in the U.S. and is a popular game.

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Bingo and its origin

Bingo was originated from a lottery – Types Of Bingo Games which was played in Italy in early 1500’s. Lottery was a famous and significant part of the Italian Culture and this is the reason that National Lottery was held every week in Italy. Lottery also became popular in France and Germany in the late 1700’s and mid 1800’s simultaneously.

Bingo hit the American coast in 1920’s it was known as BEANO then. This game gained popularity when it was started playing in carnivals, beans were use to cover the numbers at that point of time. A shout “BEANO” came out from people if they had won. This game was discovered by a Toy salesman named Edwin Lowe and he got successful to reach Bingo to masses. Its name Bingo was renamed out of a confusion which was created by a woman when she shouted Bingo instead of Beano.

Classic Form of Bingo

The classic form of the game was produced by Lowe. There are usually grids of 5×5 on cards where each column consists of an alphabet of the word BINGO on the top. B falls in the 1st column, I in the 2nd, so on and so forth.

B – 1-15, I – 16-30, N – 31-45, G – 46-60, O – 61-75

They are considered by letter and the number. For instance, I18, G50 etc.

Bingo Card consists of 24 numbers and a vacant space. Numbers displayed on the cards are allocated randomly and are set in five rows and five columns. Players can choose from a huge selection of 6,000 to 9,000 cards. Every card pattern is unique and has exclusive collection of numbers.

Winnings at Bingo

Depending on the technique of play, numbers drawn are either demonstrated or called out. In this game the numbers are called out a bit quickly so a player needs to make sure that they play with full concentration. Players should mark the numbers quickly and precisely on the board.

Until there is a winner, player will keep calling out the numbers. Player who first covers all the numbers according to the game pattern will shout Bingo. After that, the card will be examined and if all the numbers are accurately called according to the pattern, the player becomes a winner.

Bingo Patterns

A specific pattern is displayed by Bingo in the beginning of the round. These patterns come in a variety of forms that completely depend on the style of the play. The classic pattern of bingo consists of horizontal and vertical rows, cross shapes, diagonal rows, two parallel rows or a full house.


Bingo is one of the most popular, social and entertaining games. The image of these games has always been clean while other games of luck have been outlawed over the years. It is a game that can be played for charity or an evening entertainment. In totality, this game gives a real pleasure to the people who play it.