Brief Introduction to Video Poker

The popularity of Online Poker in the realm of gambling is not hidden from any gambler at all. It is a well-accepted and widely played casino game. When we talk of poker, there are a few variants of the game that are equally popular as well. Of all the different types of poker games, Video poker takes the first place. In terms of entertainment, thrill and money, video poker scores the highest points.

Video Poker came into existence in 1970s. The game is based on five-card draw poker. It can actually be understood as an amalgam of slots and poker. The game is a lot similar to the slot machines. While playing video poker, there is zero interaction between the fellow players and dealer. The game consists of a computer-based console panel which forms the basis of its similarity with slots.

In 1970s, the first Video Poker Game was played on a monitor that looked like a television with an efficient processing unit. The popularity of the game started rising in the 80s mainly. Computer-based casino games were accepted whole-heartedly by the gamblers. The Video Poker game is immensely popular in the casinos of Las Vegas.

The video poker consists of a deck of 52 cards. The game starts with placing the bet and inserting the money into the machine. After this, the “deal” button present on the panel needs to be pressed to receive the playing cards. A random number generator helps in drawing the cards.

There are different Types Of Video Poker which players love to indulge in. The most popular types are jokers wild, jacks are better, double bonus video poker, bonus poker and deuces wild. All of them follow the usual basic rules. Some low paying video poker games such as 9/5 Jacks or Better, 9/5 Jacks or Better, 8/5 Jacks or Better, 7/5 Jacks or Better and Progressive Jackpots slots are also widely popular.

The payouts and odds of the video poker game is what make it one of the most beneficial casino games. The payouts are totally dependent on the amount of money that you place the bet for.

Now-a-days, even the Online Casinos provide their players with the opportunity to play video poker games online. It is a simple game which can be understood and won by following some basic rules. Winning the game is based on a few things like the selection of game. This game has the best odds of all times.